[Revealed] 15 Secret Google Hidden Tricks : You Never Know?

15 Google Hidden Tricks – may you never know

Hey Friends, As we all are aware that Google.com is the best among all and google rank First on Alexa. We can say that Google is the father of any Website. So, check below Google Hidden Tricks.

Still, even if you use Google daily, there are quite a lot of unrevealed features and tricks from Google just waiting to be found.

So Let’s see the Some Secret Google Hidden Tricks –

1. Search For Faces Only

I made the previous image when I typed “George Michael” in the search bar and chose “faces.” Sometimes you need to do this if you’re looking for Faces Only!

In PC or laptop, click on Search tools and you can change Face, color and many options.

In a mobile phone, Change the filter and you can see the options or CLICK ON CLASSIC OR WEB VIEW TO GET all the possibilities like on the desktop.

2. Google Has Hidden Calculator

Type: 500+600+700 (NOTE – this calculator will only work on desktop version of Google, so click on web version or desktop version to get it)

You may think that this calculator is the simple one, but in fact, it’s much more than you think! Not only able to do basic math functions, but it can also achieve logarithmic calculations, constants, as well as functions like Cos and Sin. This calculator may also help you if you need to translate numbers into binary code.

3. We can Hear the Animal Sounds in Google

Just search in google bar that Animals Sound

Third Google Hidden Trick was a new feature dubbed “Animal Sounds.” This means now you can hear animal sounds with their pictures in Google Search. All you have to do is search “Animal Sounds” in Google search. The result page after searching has images of different animals with a speaker icon beside them. Google is using MP3 files for illustrating animal sounds. Therefore, it works only on modern browsers, both in mobile and desktop version of the search engine.

4. Check Your Ip Address By Google Search Engine

Type: Ip Address

The public IP address of your network is a unique number assigned by Google Fiber. All incoming and outgoing traffic (such as email, texts, web searches, and so on) uses that externally facing public IP address.

You do not need to know the IP address of a device. However, you can determine the intellectual property address of any device on your network or your public IP address, if you care to do so.

5. Google Has Also Hidden Stopwatch and Timer

Search: Set a timer to 1 minute and 5Seconds.

You can use Google as a Timer or Stop Watch just like you use in a Watch or Mobile. Set a time duration and it will alert you after completing the time period.

6. Faster Way to Translate

Before you go to Google Translator, check this cool feature by typing ‘translate to ’ in the main search bar. Here is an example, I typed: ‘translate hola to English,’ Google returns the following result, as hola (in Spanish) means hi (in English).

7. We Can Convert Money By Google

Type: ₹1200 in Dollar

8. Check Weather By Google

Type: India Forecast

9. Search Movies in Google For Particular Country or by Pincode

Type: Movies New York

If you’re interested in knowing information about the latest movie showing, this feature for you! All you need to do is typing ‘films’ or ‘movies’ followed by your location or postcode or area.

10.  Search Events Dates

Type: Event Name

11. See the Laptop or any gadget in our budget by Typing

You can also find anything or any device by typing name with a price to Get it online. Like the above example of “Dell Laptop Rs.30000-35000”.

12. You Can See The Time of any country

Type: Time India

If you want to know the current local time in a particular city, use the following method. To see the current local time in Bangkok or India or any country do the following. Go ahead and try this yourself for your local city and see how it works.

13. Calculate the Tip

Type: Tip Calculator

14. It Can Convert Digits into English Words

Type : 10057=english

15. Exclude Keywords in the Google Search

If you want Google to exclude a word while searching the web page, use – (minus) before the search as shown as in the above pic. This example searches for the pages which have the word e-books, and without the word free. You can try it on any keyword. Thank you for reading this post.

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